Dr. Mark S Elliott

Author of Facing Frankenstein

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Dr. Mark Elliott

Consultant Chartered Sport Psychologist

Manage Your Mental Monster

Inner Game Mastery for the Ambitious Athlete


On the battleground of your mind stands an athlete and a monster.

You are the athlete.

The monster, your own worst enemy

Do you

  • Ever feel that your mind has turned against you?
  • Doubt yourself?
  • Fear failure, ridicule, and letting people down?
  • Dwell on your mistakes and treat yourself like trash?
  • Feel under constant pressure to succeed?
  • Perform much better in training than in competition?
  • Lose your composure at key moments and mess up?
  • Feel trapped in a performance slump?
  • Play without fun, freedom, and flow?
  • Psych yourself out?

Now is the time to fight back and regain control

Build an Unbreakable Mental Game,

Get Out of Your Own Way

Perform Like You Know You Can