The Six Pathways to Mental Toughness | Dr Mark S Elliott


The Six Pathways to Mental Toughness Programme

The best athletes in world sport are mentally tough. They possess a range of mental game attributes that I have categorised into six key areas, or pathways. These are:


  1. 1.  Pathway to Motivation and Momentum
  2. 2.  Pathway to Total Self-Belief
  3. 3.  Pathway to World Class Thinking
  4. 4.  Pathway to Effective Focus
  5. 5.  Pathway to Imagery Control
  6. 6.  Pathway to Emotional Control


The Six Pathways to Mental Toughness Programme  offers you SIX HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TRAINING MODULES that will move your mental game further and further away from the grip of your inner monster.

The six modules cover numerous mental skills and techniques, and are jam-packed with OVER 80 PRACTICAL EXERCISES that will enable you to attain powerful mental game ability.


While each of the pathways is a standalone training course in its own right, it is the COMBINED EFFECT of the pathways training that leads to MENTAL TOUGHNESS.

Mental toughness is the weapon of choice in your battle against your Mental Monster.

With its numerous skills, strategies and practical tasks, the Pathways programme IS LIKE NO OTHER. By targeting the brain’s most influential systems, it offers you the chance for REAL and ENDURING mental game change. It is, quite frankly, a REWIRING SYSTEM FOR MENTAL TOUGHNESS. You’ll be taking your mental monster out by its roots!!


By following the Six Pathways Programme, found in my book Facing Frankenstein, you WILL become mentally tough, GUARANTEED!!


So, what are you waiting for? 

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