Mark’s Mission | Dr Mark S Elliott

Mark’s Mission

For many years now, it has been a passion of mine to tell it like it is to as many athletes as possible around the world. I want to place on record a TRUTH that has never been sufficiently acknowledged within sport psychology.  I want athletes to know the REAL REASON why they need a mental game. And it’s NOT because competitive sport is mentally demanding!! That’s right! Playing sport ISN’T mentally demanding.

Rather, it’s ATHLETES THEMSELVES who are mentally demanding!!

But WHY are athletes like this? Well, because…

  • Athletes are affected by a learned human affliction I call the FRANKENSTEIN FACTOR.
  • Athletes create their own MENTAL MONSTER.
  • Their mental monster is their TRUE OPPONENT in sport!!
  • The monster is MORE CUNNING, CLEVER and CAPABLE than any of their physical opponents.


Sport ISN’T mentally demanding – YOU ARE!

Mark’s book, Facing Frankenstein – Defeat Your True Opponent in Sport, is specifically written to help athletes across all sports and levels of ability to overcome their mental monster and to realise their potential.

Facing Frankenstein