Facing Frankenstein | Dr Mark S Elliott

What’s mentally demanding about your sport?


Is it – waiting for kick-off? Making mistakes? Taking a penalty kick in a big match? Receiving a poor decision from the referee? Being close to victory/defeat? Performing in front of the national coach?

facing frankenstein front cover200wFor years, athletes have been told that these types of external events and scenarios are why playing sport competitively is mentally challenging. They have been brought up to believe that the sources of their anxieties, distractions and frustrations lie within their sport. However, according to leading sport psychologist, Dr Mark Elliott, this is deceptive and wrong.

In Facing Frankenstein you’ll realise why it’s wrong. You’ll discover the TRUTH about why you need to be mentally tough and be shocked to learn that it’s got nothing to do with sport itself. Instead, you’ll find out that you’ve created a mental monster that is more cunning, clever and capable than any of your physical opponents. It is your true opponent in sport and you must defeat it! Crucially, the book provides you with the means to do so through its groundbreaking mental training system, The Six Pathways to Mental ToughnessÓprogramme.

Specifically designed to overcome your mental monster, and packed with over 80 exercises and techniques, the programme will enable you to:


  • Become self-driven to attain massive progress in your sport.
  • Develop unflinching belief in yourself and your ability to master situations.
  • Develop the ability to create your own reality.
  • Learn how to attain a quiet but focused mind during competition.
  • Discover how to prepare for competition in the most powerful way possible.
  • Perform with poise, having the ability to control your emotions, before, during and after performance.

Be assured, the days of being stalked by your mental monster are almost over!


Facing Frankenstein woke me up to the fact that sport psychology has got nothing to do with the psychology of sport, but everything to do with the psychology of being human’


PAUL BRADY, World Number 1, Handball

‘I have a lot to thank Mark for’


Ospreys, Ireland and British & Irish Lions rugby player


DR MARK ELLIOTT C.Psychol is Ireland’s top sport psychologist. He has worked extensively with individuals, teams and coaches from over twenty different sports, with clients including: European Tour golfers; International and British & Irish Lions’ rugby players; Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches; professional footballers and clubs; professional ice hockey teams; boxers and mixed martial artists; and, senior county teams and individual performers from Gaelic sports. Dr Elliott has also worked as a consultant to the Sports Institute Northern Ireland and is part of Horizon Sports Management’s global network of psychology practitioners. He is an Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society and a regular contributor to the print and broadcast media.

Facing Frankenstein