Are You Monster Munched? | Dr Mark S Elliott

Are You Monster Munched?



46 body parts!!

Let’s carry out a living autopsy on your mental monster. An examination of its key ‘body parts’ is always a revealing and fascinating exercise with my clients. Invariably, they concede to being familiar with several of the parts. By trawling through the 46 labelled body parts, below, you too can assess how large and influential your own mental monster is. That is, how monster-munched you are right now!

Go to the table below and get ticking!!

Right, how did you get on? Did you identify with many of the descriptions? Indeed, do you feel you’ve just looked in the mirror? Well, if you have, welcome to the human race!! You are suffering from a mental virus that’s at pandemic level in the Western world – the Frankenstein Factor!

Incidentally, every single description you ticked represents something you have LEARNED. That’s right; in fact, all 46 descriptions are learned behaviours. 

Facing Frankenstein

You were born with none of these things!

46 body parts!!

  • Your self-esteem is low. You really don’t value yourself at all
  • Deep down you believe you’ll never succeed
  • You fear failure
  • You fear success
  • You fear being embarrassed and ridiculed
  • You have difficulty asking for help
  • When successful you often attribute it to good fortune
  • You are perfectionistic. There are no shades of grey in your life
  • You loathe and dwell on mistakes
  • You have difficulty living/performing in the present moment
  • You identify yourself through your achievements
  • You need to be top dog, no matter the situation
  • You protect your reputation and save face at all cost
  • You engage in self-pity
  • You get angry easily
  • You have a low threshold for frustration
  • You cannot cope with change and uncertainty
  • You are agitated by your past and worried about your future
  • You are easily distracted
  • You frequently engage in ‘what if? Thinking’ and can always find something to worry about
  • You often feel ill-at-ease, insecure and self-conscious
  • You feel inferior/superior to others
  • You need to be liked; you’re a people pleaser
  • You are quick to judge people
  • You feel envious and resentful of your friends’ and rivals’ successes
  • You have difficulty accepting what is and dwell on what should have been
  • You constantly worry what people are thinking about you
  • You worry that people will find out you’re a fraud
  • You are always searching for something, never content.
  • You are an expert fault-finder in yourself and other people
  • You have problems accepting compliments
  • You like to have people around you. Being on your own is uncomfortable
  • You don’t fully trust yourself
  • You are often underhand
  • You keep doing the same old things expecting different results
  • You are conceited
  • You are over-sensitive
  • You are forever putting things off
  • You are very impatient
  • You are highly self-critical
  • You run defeatist memories and negative images through your mind
  • You feel that your emotions are running you; that you have no control over them
  • You are a slave to your mind, rather than its boss
  • You see life as separate to yourself
  • You’re existing, not living
  • You’re waiting for life to begin