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60 Secrets

web-KINDLE-_book-cover-60-Secrets370hDr. Mark Elliott is a highly respected sport psychologist, author and speaker. His ground-breaking‘MentalMonster Model’ has helped transform ordinary performers into extraordinary ones and world-beaters. His approach to developing mental toughness has enabled many well-known professional and elite amateur athletes and teams achieve huge goals and sporting success.

Mark is a BPS Chartered and HCPC-registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He is a regular contributor to the print and broadcast media and authored the bestselling sport psychology book Facing Frankenstein – Defeat Your True Opponent in Sport.

With Secrets of the Mentally Tough Athlete you have a practical book packed with specific skills, techniques, strategies and routines that are used by world-class athletes to become mentally tough. Each secret is not only presented in a user-friendly and straightforward way, but also has proven its effectiveness in the crucible of elite sport. Used by the very best to be the very best, you have right now at your fingertips 60 effective techniques you can begin to use immediately and that, once learned, will significantly strengthen your mental game and vastly improve your sports performance.

This book is for all athletes, regardless of their sport and level of ability. Mental toughness training is not just for the elite. Think about it, the elite would never have become elite in the first place, had they not engaged in mental skill training during their journey to the top. And this in truth is the biggest secret of them all – mental toughness is a must-have for the ambitious athlete.

Facing Frankenstein